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Facts About Refurbished Gadgets

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Refurbished gadgets are creating an unprecedented buzz in the Indian electronics marketplace. Knowing our affinity towards discounts and sales, choosing a mobile phone or tablet that has undergone refurbishment is undoubtedly a smart buying decision. If you are still in a fix about what these gadgets mean for you or where you can buy them, here is an all-inclusive guide to buying refurbished products. Have a look!

What are Refurbished Gadgets?

Many a times, certain products encounter minor glitches during their initial run. These products are reworked upon by trained technicians in order to achieve peak levels of performance. They are then sold as refurbished products to customers. Since they don’t bear the tag of “brand new”, they are offered at huge discounts to increase their competitiveness. Authorized retailers selling such gadgets ensure that they are checked and certified for quality benchmarks and are accompanied by a warranty.

Buying Refurbished Products Means Huge Savings

The first and the biggest consideration for buying a reworked smartphone is its price tag. A Samsung Galaxy Note Edge for just Rs. 35,199 or HTC One M8 for only Rs. 26,599. Sounds tempting, right? This is why gadgets belonging to this particular category are a great option. It lets you buy your favorite gadgets at incredible prices without you, having to compromise on its quality or performance.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when you buy gadgets that have undergone refurbishment:

  • Do your research. Sift the internet for your chosen product. Know how much its brand new counterpart costs and go for the refurnished version only if it looks like a steal deal.
  • A number of online retailers sell such products. Make sure to go through customer testimonials to know about their experience with the seller.
  • Once you receive the product, check if it is in working condition and is accompanied by all accessories or not.

Where Should You Buy From

Now, this is important. If you are looking for quality certified refurnished products, it is advised that you make your purchase from an authorized retailer. Avoid shady markets for they don’t guarantee after-sales services. If you are looking at brand warranty and after sales support, staking your money at a trusted retailer is the smart thing to do. Meanwhile, you must verify the seller before buying any gadgets from anywhere on the internet.

Things You Should Know About Elastomer Products

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Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can significantly affect the functioning of a wide variety of products and disrupt the lives of those who depend on them. In such environments as a hospital or the military, this can even have far-reaching consequences. Numerous sources, including computer circuits, nearby electronic devices, power lines and even switches can cause this interference. EMI shielding is effective in preventing these radiations from interfering with devices and even stops the cross talk within the circuit of a particular device.. Traditionally, these protective solutions were made of metal sheets. Constructed with steel, copper or aluminum, these shielding products offer robust protection against electromagnetic disturbances. However, they are very prone to deformation. The fault lies in their design, which emphasizes making the enclosure extremely snug in order to prevent EMI leakage. This creates excessive mechanical pressure, and under this pressure, the metal EMI shields tend to deform. Then, some metals are more susceptible to oxidation and rusting. Elastomer products can overcome these shielding challenges. Here are three major benefits of these sophisticated shielding products:

Improved Efficiency of EMI Shielding Gaskets

Made of different types of polymers and blended with metal fillers, new generation elastomer products ensure superior EMI shielding. They also ensure a long performance life for the gaskets. An important thing to consider when selecting a conductive elastomer as an EMI shielding or environment seal gasket is galvanic compatibility. When you use two dissimilar materials, one of them tend to oxidize and fail to provide effective shielding in the long-run. The right gasket will offer the protection while undergoing minimum galvanic corrosion. Silicone shielding elastomers, that combine the properties of silicone rubber and metals, is often a good choice.


Apart from increasing gasket efficiency, elastomer helps tone down the compression that builds up within the gaskets. This in turn improves air circulation inside the gasket. You can customize elastomeric products cost-effectively to meet the needs of specific production environments. As a result, you can find corrosion-resistant and flame-resistant products in the market. Apart from being robust and corrosion-resistant, these products are high on aesthetic appeal.

Efficient Shielding of Military Electronics

Militaries across the globe rely on technologies to gain an edge over their enemies. From anticipating enemy tactics to responding to their attacks, they rely heavily on a host of electronic devices such as radios, sensors, cameras and unmanned tactical weapons. However, these devices are particularly susceptible to electronic jamming or intentional EMI, a threat that endanger the lives of those fighting it out on the battlegrounds. Elastomer shields offer guaranteed protection against such intrusions.

When it comes to protecting your applications from EMI disturbances elastomer products can help you achieve correct shielding effectiveness. While selecting a product, the first thing you need to consider is the appropriate shape or type of gasket. The next important criteria relates to the polymer material.

Different elastomer products are made of different types of polymers such as Silicone, Fluorosilicone and Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM). Each one works in specific kind of environments. The types of environment your products will interact with will determine the type of polymer that you should opt for.

All About Custom Cable Assemblies

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Custom cable assemblies are generally comprised of several different parts, including the actual wire, a jacketing portion to shield the wire and possibly necessary insulators or conductors. It seems rather straightforward, but it can become quite confusing when considering the many different types of wiring options available. Of the many varieties existing on the market today, there are five generally common types of cables. They differ based on function and durability, as well as the materials of which they are comprised.

Heliax Cables

A heliax cable is a type of coaxial cable arrangement. In a coax cable, there are three layers within a jacket, beginning with a sold core inner conductor. This inner conductor is surrounded by insulation. In a heliax configuration, the insulation is wound in a helix, or a spiral, around the conductor. It has a semi-rigid composition, but performs quite well. Unfortunately, the rigidity of the wire makes this custom cable assembly limited in its uses.

Molded Cable Assembly

A molded cable structure is a method for creating the system you need. Generally, molding introduces the use of hard shield connectors within a cable system to maintain continuity. Often, these are pin-like in their formation. Molded cables can prevent the exposure and failure of wires to the outside elements. This custom cable assembly is ideal for different situations in which protection against the environment is essential.

Mast Cables

A mast cable is used mainly for radio and communication systems. It is set up as a tall mast, or stick, in the air. A sleeve protects a mast custom cable assembly; it is usually vinyl in nature, and it keeps the wires within safe from environmental elements, like sunshine and rain. Mast systems generally have great structural integrity and can be used for a variety of functions but are most often seen on ships, in military installations, and on top of radio towers.

Sensor Cables

Sensor cable structures have experienced some break-through technology recently, as more researches are coming together to study possible uses and exciting evolution of its capabilities. Generally, a sensor is based on magnetometers that are incorporated within a jacket or shield. These types of custom cable assemblies can be used above or below ground and report any physical disturbances through vibrations and communicative symbols.

Ribbon Cable

A ribbon wire is a flat, wide piece of cable that, of course, resembles a ribbon. They are generally used for transmitting data and are often found within computer systems. An interesting component to ribbon cable is that very frequently, ribbon cable is color-coded to avoid incorrectly identifying individual conductors. These are optimal for tight-spaces, as ribbon cable is easily pliable.

Step Audiophile For Beginners

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There are many situations when one is listening to music where outside or ambient noise can be heard. This proves to be distracting and takes away from the listening experience. That is why the purpose of active and passive noise cancelling headphones is to cancel out ambient noise. Hi-fi listeners actively seek to cancel out ambient noise in order to improve their listening experience. In this article, we talk about the two main methods this is achieved when listening with headphones.

Active noise canceling headphones require batteries or some sort of charging in order to function properly. How it works is that the headphones have a mic and that mic is used to pick up the sounds around you. As it picks up the surrounding sounds, a processor takes the sounds and fires back the same frequencies 180 degrees out of phase. In theory, this should cancel out the incoming sound. But as all things go in the real world, it does not work out perfectly. This technology works well when having to cancel out low and constant frequencies, such as the engine of a plane, but when it comes to the dynamic sounds of your ambient surroundings and other high frequencies, it does not do so well.

Many active noise cancelling headphones come at a premium price with a lower quality sound. Not only that, most of them don’t even seem to work! This is because companies use marketing tactics such as “15 dB reduction” or “95% noise cancelling” which can technically be true because decibels are worked on a logarithmic scale! That does not go to say that ALL of them don’t work. There are very high quality active noise canceling headphones out there in the market, like the Bose QuietComfort, however they are extremely expensive.

The alternative is to buy regular headphones or earphones in that matter, to passively cancel out noise. How this basically works is by designing headphones and earphones in a way to best block out incoming ambient sounds through material construction and using no other electronics. That being said, closed back headphones and to a certain extent, open back headphones, all provide this passive noise cancellation. Depending on which headphones you buy, you get a different level of passive noise cancellation. That being said, you may never be able to 100% cancel out noise, but when you buy a pair of cans that fit well and crank that volume up, it can really isolate you from the rest of the world.

Earphones do a much better job at passively canceling out noise because they mold into your ear canal and effectively block out any other noise from coming in while blasting sound waves directly to your ear. This is why many performers use monitor earphones to guide their performances when they are singing.

In conclusion, whether you decide to go with active noise canceling or passive noise cancelling, we again encourage you to tryout your options before investing in them. From our own experiences, we feel that a solid pair of closed-back headphones or earphones get the job done and there is really no need to get fancy with the active noise cancelling headphones, but we leave that choice to our readers.

Things You should Know Before Buy GPS

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Garmin is one of the leaders in GPS technology that offers a range of cycling GPS aimed at different kinds of riders. The Garmin EDGE series has basic models that can track your time, speed, and distance, as well as advanced models that have features such as pre-loaded cycling specific maps and route navigation.

If you’re into cycling and would like to track your performance or capture data while you ride, a GPS cycling computer would be one of the gears you would want to have. Unlike a phone, the Edge GPS cycling computer works up to 8 hours without worrying about data or battery drainage. It also uses GPS/GLONASS satellites for fast and accurate location.

Given the number of Garmin Edge cycling GPS you can choose from, here are several things to consider which will satisfy your need.

For basic riders who simply want to get basic cycling data

Garmin Edge 20/25

The Garmin Edge 20/25 is easy to use and captures essential stats from your ride, including time, distance, speed, total ascent and location. It’s one of the smallest cycling GPS available today.

It has Garmin’s Auto Lap, Auto Pause and Auto Scroll features. You have the option to customise two display fields with up to three data fields per page and create course navigation using Garmin Connect.

Garmin Edge 25 is similar with Edge 20 but offers additional features that includes the following:

  • Smart notifications (displays email, text and other alerts when paired with your compatible phone)
  • Bluetooth Smart for uploading completed activities, and downloading rides/courses through Garmin Connect (not for Bluetooth sensors)
  • ANT+ sensor compatibility to track speed/cadence and heart rate
  • Garmin LiveTrack
  • Speed and Cadence Sensor
  • Compatible with Garmin Varia Rearview Radar

For those who want comprehensive ride data and smartphone connectivity

Garmin Edge 510

Garmin Edge 510 can measure the cycling metrics that most riders would want or need, such as distance, speed, ascent/descent and it gives the option of using a heart rate monitor, cadence and power meters using ANT+ compatible sensors.

You can create up to five different activity profiles which allows you to customise data fields and device settings based on cycling activity, such as training or racing. Simply swiping Garmin 510’s touch screen will set it up to show the data you need for that ride.

When you pair the Edge 510 with your smartphone and use Garmin Connect Mobile, you can get real-time weather conditions, use social media sharing and Live Tracking. Garmin’s LiveTrack, lets you invite others to follow your rides so they can view your live data on a Garmin Connect tracking page. The Garmin Connect Mobile app also allows you to wirelessly upload completed activities and download courses on your device.

For those who want advanced cycling data and smartphone alerts

Garmin Edge 520

As the upgrade to the Edge 510, the Edge 520 has all the features of the previous version but with a high-resolution colour display. With the 520’s high resolution colour screen, it now uses buttons for easier navigation through menus and data screens. Here are a few of the features the Edge 520 that aren’t in the Edge 510:

  • Smart notifications (displays email, text and other alerts when paired with your compatible phone)
  • Advanced performance and power analysis, including new Time in Zone, FTP tracking, cycling-specific VO2 and recovery and cycling dynamics
  • Compatible with Edge remote control, VIRB action cameras, Varia bike radar and lights
  • Integration with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting (track your current gearing while you ride)

For those who want advanced training capabilities, routable navigation, and smartphone connectivity

Garmin Edge 810

The Edge 810 is the upgrade to the Edge 800 and offers the features available in the Edge 510. It lets your switch profiles during a ride just by swiping the touch screen just like the Edge 510 albeit in a larger screen. The touch screen is resistive, which means that even with wet fingers, or with gloves, it’ll still respond.

The big difference that Edge 810 has over the models mentioned above above is that it has built-in basemaps and is compatible with optional detailed street or TOPO maps, so it can guide your ride for touring where you might need onboard maps and navigation. Maps in the Edge 810 are routable, which means it knows that if you missed that turn on a particular street you can instead turn right on another street and loop back.

As with the Edge 510, Edge 810 also offers connected features through your smartphone, including live tracking, social media sharing and weather. Edge tracks the data and sends it to your phone using a Bluetooth® connection.

For who wants advanced training capabilities, routable navigation, and smartphone alerts

Garmin Edge 1000

The Edge 1000 is the flagship GPS cycling computer from Garmin. It has a robust 3-inch high resolution touchscreen which has an integrated light sensor to automatically adjusts for light conditions.

Where the Garmin Edge 1000 truly shines is that it offers the best in class mapping functionality and can give you street-level turn by turn directions. It comes with free detailed bike-specific maps which is based on the Open Street Map, a community sourced map set. With its Route Planner feature, you can create routes directly on the device using the map, POI and segments you’ve downloaded from Garmin Connect.

The Edge 1000 lets you pair multiple ANT+ sensors as you’d like (heart rate monitors, cadence and speed monitors, Vector power pedals) for as many bikes as you’d like. Just connect to the sensors you have enabled at the start of the ride.

You can also create training pages with up to 10 data fields and use various activity profiles for quick and convenient transitions when you switch your cycling activity, such as road, mountain biking or touring. To further improve your training and riding experience the Edge 1000 uses Garmin’s Advanced Workout and Virtual Partner functions.

As you’d expect with Garmin’s top of the range Edge device, you can pair Edge 1000 with your smartphone to enjoy the connected features with Garmin Connect such as live tracking, sending/receiving courses, social media sharing, and weather. Edge 1000 is the only Edge device that can use Wi-Fi.

Similar to Edge 520, you can also take advantage of following functionalities.

  • Smart notifications (displays email, text and other alerts when paired with your compatible phone)
  • Compatible with Edge remote control, VIRB action cameras, Varia bike radar and lights
  • Integration with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting (track your current gearing while you ride)

In A Nutshell

At the end of the day, the type of cycling GPS that you should get boils down to your preference. The Edge 20 and Edge 25 is a compact cycling GPS that does a good job of tracking your time, speed and distance. The Edge 510 gives you the basic needs to be a competitive cyclist. The Edge 520 gives you what 510 offers but with advanced performance analysis and displays email, text and other alerts when paired with a smartphone. The Edge 810 gives you some added features including a detailed map view. Finally, the Edge 1000 allows you to have all of these features, including the turn-by-turn navigations to give you an advantage.

If you have any more questions regarding which cycling GPS is right for you, let us know and we will be more than happy to help you.

All About Hand Chain Block

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Hand operated manual chain hoists (also popularly known as a chain block or block and tackle) are a part of handy lifting equipment available in adaptable configurations; they are very flexible to the several alternative working circumstances and working environments including temporary and permanent installations

How to Safely Use a Hand Chain Block?

1. Handle and store them properly.

2. Check the block and all the other accessories before using it and also before placing into the storeroom.

3. For top hook suspension, utilize hooks that are fixed with safety catches, or intruding the hook, making sure the support fits without stinting into the seat of the hook.

4. Examine and make sure that the bottom hook will make a contact with its lowest point without operating the chain completely out.

5. For trolley suspension, make sure the trolley is properly set for the beam size.

6. Use safe suspension practices and follow the instructions very carefully for safely using the equipment.

Things to Avoid:

1. Don’t let it get exposed to chemicals, any acids, without asking the supplier.

2. Don’t drop, drag or throw it.

3. Without consulting the supplier, don’t replace the load chain with a longer one.

4. Don’t use excessive effort to make it work.

5. Don’t let the grease or oil to come into contact with the brake.

6. Don’t let it expose directly to the water spray, elements, steam etc without confirming the supplier.

How to Select the Right Unit?

Today, the hand chain block is available in a large variety of abilities and with different types of suspension. Choose the block to be used and prepare the lift by keeping the following things in mind-

  • Kind of suspension – trolley, hook, etc.
  • Class of use, capacity and range of lift.
  • They are designed especially for vertical lifting only.
  • Discuss with the provider if the block is to be used in areas of high risk, exposed to the water, elements, steam etc, with dangerous substances, like chemicals, or acids, or intended to use in extremes of temperature.

How to Store and Handle Them Carefully?

  • Don’t keep the damaged piece back to the storage. They should be clean, dry, and kept safe from corrosion.
  • It should not be thrown, dragged, or dropped to the floor.
  • Store them by their chief suspension with chains apparent on the ground, the chains may be tied together to facilitate this. It’s recommended that all the non-portable blocks kept outdoors must be covered and saved from corrosion.
  • Don’t galvanize or subject the chain, or any other weight bearing parts, to any other covering process without consulting the supplier.

How to Maintain Them?

Go through all the instructions given by the supplier, especially the maintenance instructions. It’s important to keep the load chains well-lubricated and periodically examine the operation of the brake. Brakes should be kept free of grease, oil, etc. Without consulting the supplier, don’t replace the load chain.

Regularly examine it and, if any, defects are found, immediately give the block to an experienced person for detailed examination. Using it in damaged condition can not only make the condition of block worse, but also harm the person.

Interesting Fact About Electromagnetic Compatibility

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Electromagnetic Compatibility or EMC is assuming increasing importance in today’s device intensive world. This means, question of radiation and interference to critical electronic equipment or their components is more of a risk today than it ever was. Another important fact to consider is that a number of devices that can malfunction with electromagnetic radiation operate in highly sensitive environments. Airplane cockpits and hospitals are just two examples where any interference to such equipment can result in some serious risk to human lives. There is little doubt that a comprehensive knowledge of EMC is absolutely essential for manufacturers and designers of products with components that cause such interference or that can be impacted by it. Equally important is the knowledge of how a shielded enclosure can safeguard their product and the environment where it will work.

Factoring in EMC at Product Design and Development Stage

It is critical to consider EMC right from the stage when the product is on the drawing board. At this stage, many designers and manufacturers tend to pay attention mainly to the physical attributes and the functionality of the final product. But, will it perform efficiently when deployed in its environment? Will other devices impair its functioning? Or, will it disrupt the working of other devices?

For example, consider a wireless, remote-controlled light that is ideal for operating room conditions. If this product emits electromagnetic interference (EMI) that causes critical life support equipment or vital signs monitoring equipment to falter, no surgeon would be willing to risk giving it a trial at his hospital. Considering these factors at the design and development stage can save the manufacturer money, time and production costs while ensuring that the result is a safe and viable product.

Choosing the Shielding Material and Type with Care

Electromagnetic shielding is often done with the dual objective of blocking both EMI and RFI (radio frequency interference).- A number of materials, mainly metals, are used commonly for this purpose. For example, you may find copper, aluminum, nickel or steel alloy in a shielded enclosure. While all of these are effective, many manufacturers believe that an alloy made from nickel, copper, iron and molybdenum offers the most effective shielding.

The manner in which these metals are used is also important and there are differences in this aspect too. Some use solid sheets, while others prefer perforated sheets. Coatings and screens of EMI resistant materials are also quite common. The type of material to use and the form in which it is used are both factors you should consider well before the product reaches the final production stage. You should test a prototype of the EMI shielded product in actual working conditions to verify that the shielding is holding up as expected, before the product goes out in the market.

The variety and range of shielded enclosure options make it easy for you to find the perfect one for your product. Make sure to invest your resources in this task at the right time in your production cycle and you can have a truly successful product on your hands.

How To Keep Your Cooling System Cool

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Then, homeowners realize that the cooling system they just installed makes more noise than they like. These tips will help make sure that everyone can still hear the television over top of the fans in the cooling system.

Anti-vibration mounts

When the fans get going, they are going to vibrate at least a little bit. It is not a matter of whether they vibrate, but a matter of how to keep them quiet. If people hear a vibrating noise, anti-vibration mounts are the way to go. Anti-vibration mounts are usually made of rubber, and work exactly like regular ones. The rubber that anti-vibration mounts are made of helps prevent the vibrations from reaching the wood or metal to prevent that annoying noise from disrupting everyone’s favorite show.

New fans

After installing anti-vibration mounts, there may still be noise from the fans themselves. Anti-vibration mounts will only help with noise from that motion, and that will not be enough to quiet a noisy fan. Not all fans are designed to be quiet. Consumers are encouraged to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a silent fan, but there are certain products that are designed to be as noiseless as possible.

Taking the time to shop around to find a fan that is as quiet as possible will be well worth the time when everyone can hear what is going on in the game instead of the constant whirring noise of fans.

Include plenty of space

There needs to be enough room in the media cabinet for the fans themselves, and then added room above or below components of the cooling system for air circulation. Most people do not realize this if it is their first time making their own cooling system. Then, when they are finished, they realize their cooling system sounds like a miniature wind tunnel.

Guaranteeing that there is enough room in the cabinet for air circulation will help cut down on unnecessary noise.

More fans

If the electronics in the cabinet are so hot that a fan has to be turned on high, picking up a few more fans is probably the way to go. Simply install them, and then turn all the fans on low. Doing this will be much quieter than using less fans and turning them up on high. Including more fans in the cooling system also guarantees that there will be plenty of air circulation in the cabinet.

Usually, when homeowners install more fans to cut back on noise, they discover that there is more air circulation in the cabinet, even if the fans are all on low. Then, they don’t have to turn them on as often either.

Installing a cooling system for the first time can be a bit challenging, especially when homeowners find themselves struggling to keep the cooling system quiet and their electronics cool at the same time. Thanks to these tips, homeowners undertaking this project will no longer wonder if they are going to be stuck with overheating electronics or a noisy cooling system. Their electronics will run quieter and stay cooler and their cooling system will barely be heard, if at all.

Find The Right Suitable Headset For You

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Many people may ask the question: how to choose a headset? In my opinion, the suitable one is the best one. When you go outdoors, the lightweight and portable one is the best choice. During your journey, it would bring more conveniences. At this moment, I recommend the Xiaomi Piston Basic edition headset to you. This product has a compact and portable design, so it is very suitable for you when you are on vacation. In this article, I will show you more details of this headset.

First of all, it has an outstanding appearance design with sophisticated metal technology. The acoustic chamber of the headset is made of aluminum alloy. Sophisticated anodic oxidation processing with the precisely cutting of the edges, it ensures anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch when you use it. It is the in-ear type headset, and it is compatible with the devices with a 3.5mm audio jack.

Moreover, it provides excellent sound quality, especially when you use it to hear the popular, rock or bass type music. Combined with better tuning technology and the 3rd generation damping system, it keeps the sound more clear and balanced. Made of aerospace metal and PET material, it achieves a more balanced and shock hearing sense. And the unique design of the separate airflow type and the air gate also brings nice sound feeling.

Additionally, it is built in a microphone, which supports wired and buttons controls of play or stop, answer or hang up calling. With this convenient design, you can operate the functions through the headset easily that you have no need to complete the operations via your device. The simple but elegant flat wire design strengthens the hardness of the earphone and provides long service life. By the way, it offers multiple colors options, including Black, Silver, Blue, Purple and Pink. Please see the data below for detailed specifications.


Brand: Xiaomi

Model: Piston Basic Edition

Color: Black, Silver, Blue, Purple, Pink

Cable Length: 1.25mm

Wearing Type: In-ear Type

Product Weight: 14g

Connectivity Interface: 3.5mm audio jack

Rated Power: 5mW

Jack: 3.5mm

Impedance: 32ohm

Frequency Response: 20-20000Hz

Microphone: Support

To sum up, Xiaomi Piston Basic edition headset is a pretty good product that provides superb sound quality. Most importantly, it has a compact and portable design, so it is very suitable for those who go traveling or outdoors. If you are searching for such a headset, you can have a try!

All About Vacuum Cleaners

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New technologies have been introduced in the recent past in the field of household appliances. Robotic vacuum cleaners are the finest examples of this category. As the name suggests, they powered by robotic technology that automatically cleans your house thoroughly and makes it free of dirt even from the most remote and tight areas. These are quite small and compact; hence, you can make them crawl under the beds and carpets to remove dust from all the places in your house. Every coin has two sides to it. Similarly, a robotic vacuum cleaner too has its shortcomings. When you want to buy them for your homes, you should be aware of both their pros and cons, so that you can make a qualified decision about the same.


First, let us understand the benefits that you will get when you buy a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Ease of use– Robotic Vacuum Cleaners use Artificial Intelligence to clean the tight areas in your home and wipe them with a great degree of precision. They are very comfortable to use as you can pre-set them to clean your home when you are not there. You don’t have to intervene when the appliance is switched on manually. Relax and watch the sensors direct it to move on different paths and clean your house accordingly.

Adjustable settings – Most of the robotic vacuum cleaners come with settings that can be adjusted as per your convenience. They come with features that can detect walls, staircases and other sharp objects automatically so that they change their path automatically for better performance. Also, when they run out of charge, they can move to their respective docking station automatically and get charged.


Floor preparation – Though these robotic vacuum cleaners claim that they are fully automatic and they don’t require any manual intervention, you have to do some work before operating them. You need to prepare your floors well before using them so that these devices don’t get damaged. Remove all kinds of sharp objects and toys that are lying on the floors as they can get into the cleaners and hamper their efficiency.

Frequent cleaning of dirtbag – Robotic Vacuum Cleaners are quite small as they need to get under the tight areas in your building. Therefore, it is no surprise that they come with a very small dirt accumulation bag. You need to clean these regularly if you want them to suck more dirt whenever you use them. If you have pets at home, you have to double your efforts, because they suck up a lot of pet fur, which makes the dirtbag quite full quickly.

Ensure that you go through the instruction manuals of the modes that you have narrowed down so that you know what you are paying for. Look for special instructions from the manufacturer as each model has some unique points to remember and exclusive ways to handle it.