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Benefit Of Resistor

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What are resistors? Resistors are small electrical systems used to help control the amount of resistance in an electrical circuit. If this sounds a little confusing to you, imagine it like this. Imagine driving fast in a parking lot. Once your car hits a speed bump, it slows down. A resistor controls the amount of resistance in a circuit while a speed bump controls the speed of a moving car. With every electric circuit you made, there will always be resistance present. So having a resistor or two in a circuit is essential to the circuit’s function. Resistors are usually made out of metal wires, carbon, or metal oxide film. The resistor is built by having an insulator or any time of insulating material wrapped around a wire. These essential devices are called passive components in a circuit, they take energy yet never produce any back. While resistors can be found in a lamp circuit, they can not be used to produce light. Instead of creating light, resistors create heat. After using your laptop for a while, you have probably noticed that your laptop has started to overheating. The heat is from the resistors in your laptop, working hard to make sure your laptop has the right amount of resistance in it. The heat from resistors can be so unbearable for the other electrical parts. Many computer companies have put in fans to control the temperature of overheating laptops. Without a fan like this the resistor heat can cause internal damage to the computers.

There are a few types of resistors, they might be called standard, static, or a special resistor that comes in a pack. Those that are in a pack are called “Resistor Arrays’, and are usually set up as voltage dividers in circuits. The most common type of resistor is called the “Carbon film resistor”, and can be found in very simple electric circuits. The electrical resistance in a resistor is measured in Ohms, or ? the greek letter for Omega. In a schematic symbol, a resistor would look like a rectangle with two lines coming out of it or a straight line with a “squiggle” in between it. When looking at a schematic design of an electric circuit, looking at a squiggle with lines coming out of it is just the common design for a resistor. Resistors are very important compounds to any electric circuit, they are essential to the circuit’s ability to function correctly.

Tips To Find a Good Defibrillator

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With so many defibrillators on the market today how are you to know which is the best. No matter if it is for personal use or for your place of business there can be several factors involved. For some the price is the key factor in determining which defibrillator is the best for you. For others it may come down to which one is easier to use. I am going to try my best to lay a little ground work and tell you what an AED is and what does AED stand for. We will look at AED pads and some of the differences with those. Also we’ll look at AED batteries as well as a few other things along the way. For our purposes so as not to overload you with too much information we will look at two different AED brands and some of there features and try not to sway you one way or the other but to let you make up your mind for yourself when it’s all said and done. With that all said and done let’s begin.

What does AED stand for?

AED stands for automated external defibrillator. It is basically a defibrillator that is much easier to use. It doesn’t require a bunch of AED training. And it’s more portable to be able to take with you almost anywhere. Obviously you aren’t going to do that with the big one’s you see in a hospital.

AED Pads and batteries

– Heartsine has done something a little different from other manufacturers. They have put the AED electrodes and the batteries in to one single-use cartridge. They call it the Pad-Pak. So when you need to replace the pads or batteries you just have one thing to replace.

– The there are two different PAd-Pak’s

– The Adult Pad-Pak is gray and can be used on patients from eight years old to adults weighing more than 25 kg/55 lbs.

– The Pediatric-Pak is pink and can be used on patients that are younger than eight years of age weighing less than 25 kg/55 lbs.

– The Zoll AED Plus uses separate electrode pads and batteries. The two types of pads I would like to cover for the Zoll are the CPR-D-padz for adults and the Pedi-padz II for children up to eight. There are more pads to choose from but those are the two I’ve chosen to cover. They seem to be the most popular ones for the Zoll.

– The CPR-D Padz are pretty cool with the technology that is in them. They have what is called Real CPR Help. The Zoll AED Plus converts data from the CPR-D-padz and gives you an adaptive metronome to help the rescuer with the proper depth and rate, by saying “Push harder or “Good compressions” as needed. It will also show you the depth of the compression on the display screen of the AED. Currently that I am aware of the Zoll AED Plaus is the only AED that helps the rescuer to achieve the correct depth and rate of compression during CPR. As far as I am aware no other AED has these capabilities.

-Batteries for the Zoll AED Plus

There isn’t anything too special about the batteries for the zoll. The AED Plus uses type 123 lithium batteries. And Zoll generally recommends Duracell. The nice thing about this is that you can easily find and get batteries for the unit and they won’t be too bad on price either.

-AED Cost

– MAP price for the Zoll AED Plus is $1699

– MAP price for the Heartsine Samaritan AED is $1175

– However Just like when you buy a car that is just what they can openly advertise it for. It doesn’t mean you can’t get a better deal especially if you get more than one unit. And you might be able to get a package deal with a wall cabinet or something like that.

-Also it is important to note that there is an upfront purchase price but because of ownership cost such as cost of pads and batteries you will have to decide what you are looking for. Are you looking more at the initial purchase price or the amount it will cost you with owning the unit such as previously mentioned costs of replacing pads and batteries.Bottom line some people may want to pay less up front and some people may be looking to pay less over the lifetime of the unit.

How To Avoid From Fan Blades

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Accidents happen quickly and in the oddest of events. Taking action to prevent them is a very good idea. You should consider a 120mm fan grill if you have exposed blades. The last thing you want is for your fingers or hand to be damaged or cut due to the high speed of the spinning blades. If you have children or pets, you certainly don’t want to allow anything to happen.

Yet both are quite curious and you can’t keep your eyes on them 24/7. With a 120mm fan grill, there is always going to be some protection in place.Debris can also be a problem if you aren’t careful. You need something sturdy to prevent items from getting gin there. Don’t wait until there is an accident before you take action with this type of protection.


You don’t want a false sense of security though with a 120mm fan grill. With this in mind, you need to make sure what you buy is going to be very secure. You need it to be durable and long lasting. the quality of the materials should influence the buy you make. Read reviews too so you can be sure you pay for a well made product that is going to last.

It isn’t expensive to buy a 120mm fan grill so don’t cut corners on quality to further save money. The cost to replace your fan, to pay for medical bills, and even the anguish of an incident that could have been prevented will all cost you far more than that.


Most of the products are versatile so they should fit any standard fan that fits that class of size. However, there are plenty of colors and shapes where there are differences. Take the time to make sure the one you buy is going to match the color and also match the shape of the fan you own. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding items that will fit your fan.

Wire Grill

The best design to look for is the type with a wire 120mm fan grill. This is going to allow the air flow to circulate and not be too restricted. Yet it offers enough protection to significantly cut the risk of problems occurring. The wires should be close enough together that the fingers of a child couldn’t fit through them.

You may find certain designs are more appealing to you than others. If the fan is out in the open, it makes sense that you want it to look appealing and blend well. It shouldn’t be an eyesore. However, some designs tend to offer more safety and security than others. It is always recommended to look closely at such information before you make a purchase.

Mesh Grill

For complete coverage, a mesh grill design is the best to select. While it does restrict more of the air flow, there isn’t anything that is going to get through there. Look for products made from durable mesh to ensure it won’t be able to be penetrated. Otherwise, it can compromise the protection it is able to offer. These also look very nice and add to the durability of the fan.


It isn’t hard at install a 120mm fan grill. Most of them have a set of screws that come with it. Just insert them tightly and it will hold it in place. Of course you should always unplug the fan and wait for the blades to stop moving before you put the product in place. From time, to time, check to make sure it is still tight. If you feel any movement, tighten the screws again.

All About Ipad

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Recently I purchased the iPad. It felt like finally I was stepping in the future along with everyone else. I actually haven’t bought any computers or techie gadgets for a while. At least since I got a new android cell phone a couple of years ago.

While I would certainly spend a lot of time on my desktop computer most days, this was going to be amazingly different. Once I got it all set up at the store I now had to figure out how to use it. Unless I spent some time with an Apple rep going over all the features I was on my own. I most definitely was feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

Ideal Way to Find out About the Features on the iPad

First, I thought I would check out the interest for some directions hoping that there were some videos or documents that would show me how the basic features worked. What I soon realized is that there is a myriad of offered information. I was totally overloaded and a lot of the directions I found were complicated or presumed that I had a standard functioning understanding of the iPad.

Most of them talked about stuff like Wifi (which I did know about) and iCloud (which I didn’t). Even setting up email or looking for documents or videos was somewhat foreign to me. What I really needed was information shown in a way that assumed I was just starting out. Because frankly I was!

Finally I am across some training that had a number of tutorials that started from scratch. In fact their videos showed the steps as if they were sitting in front of me.

The Tutorial Videos Explain Everything

I loved the way they set out the iPad in their video clips. It was like they were right there with me. This made it unbelievably simple to see exactly the best ways to learn and experience different features on the iPad.

I had the ability to just follow along with the narrator. I’m completely surprised at the capacities my tablet has! These tutorials are merely remarkable. As it ended up, there’s a great deal of tasks my iPad could accomplish that I wasn’t familiar with at all.

In the end, I am absolutely delighted with this group of iPad tutorial videos. I still check them out from time to time, either to freshen my memory or figure out the best ways to achieve a brand-new task.

They are an amazing resource to have directly within your reach. Whether you use your iPad for work or for pleasure these videos will help explain everything you need to know.

Maybe you have had your iPad for a long time or maybe, like me, you just go one. It doesn’t matter as these video tutorials are set so you can locate the exact information you need when you need it.

Play them as many times as you want until you get the hang of the task you are trying to accomplish. In my opinion, these tutorials are a must have for every iPad owner.